Lauren Daigle

One of the great dangers that comes with sudden success for an artist is the easy temptation to spend the next several years attempting to recapture the formula that worked so well the first time, rather than continuing to push their evolving artistic vision forward with creativity and authenticity.

Centricity Music artist Lauren Daigle faced that tension sooner than expected. Her debut powerhouse pop album, How Can It Be, was certified gold in 18 months, making Lauren the fastest-selling new artist in Christian music since Casting Crowns. The project garnered two #1 singles, 3 Dove Awards, 3 K-LOVE Fan Awards, a Billboard Music Award and a Grammy nomination. In a short year-and-a-half she went from being relatively unknown, to joining six major tours, to now headlining her own shows. By industry standards, Lauren Daigle’s success wasn’t just overnight, it pretty much happened before the sun even went down.

So how does this smoky-voiced, former American Idol contestant from southern Louisiana follow up the utterly unanticipated success of her pop debut? Easy. Lauren Daigle draws on her New Orleans musical roots to fashion a Christmas record gutsy enough to hold its own alongside the vintage, jazzy recordings of legendary crooners like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. In a phrase, Lauren Daigle went home for the holidays, and for her, home meant the cool, vibey strains of The Big Easy.

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